Interiorism and Design

Decorated fireplaces

Stuccoed fireplaces on the rural hotel 'La Casa Grande de El Burgo' (El Burgo). The decoration is a tricolor sponge-painting in earthy tones. The ornaments do have a layer of oil painting, with a waterproofing varnish finish.

Bed headboards

Bed headboards carefully restored, each one being:

  1. Made of noble wood with carved reliefs.
  2. Decorated in classic Capitonel style, cotton velvet framed with gold leaf.
  3. Decorated in Joan Miró style, with rectangular shapes in multiple primary colors.
  4. Decorated in 60's style, made in back-painted polychromed methacrylate.

Graining doors and furniture

Giving a faux wood or marble texture to doors and furniture.